2D. 3D. Animation. Motion graphics.
Graphic design. Photography.
Hi, Mimi here!
In 2008 I graduated from vocational school as a media assistent, from then on I've been working for Stickstugan. As sole resonsible, I have done the graphic design, with everything from photography to making brochures.
In 2021 I graduated from Södertörn University, with a bachelor degree of Science in Media Technology. Since then I have been taking a deep dive into 3D and animation, with a course at Gävle University.
I'm looking for work so don't hesitate to contact me at mimigustafsson@hotmail.com or send me a message in the form below. Work oppertunities or otherwise!
I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Ålands yrkesskola - media and communication - 2006-2008
Södertörns högskola - IT, media and design - 2018-2021
Högskolan i Gävle - 3D modeling and animation course - 2021-2022
Thank you for your message!
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