Kullgren Utbildning
visual identity, 3D modeling and animation
Leading the way in workplace safEty
Kullgren Utbildning is a company that educates construction and industrial workers in safety. Kullgren Utbildning needed a logo with associated colours, and at the same time a mascot was born, with more of an "do as I say, not as I do"- attitude.
Safety is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Daniel Kullgren, the owner and educator, is a fun and lively person and that is something that's reflected through all of the design for the business.
Project scope:
- Logotype
- Associated type and colours
- 3D modeling
- Animation
The aim of the logo was to make it clear which field the business operates in, to stand out and make it a little bit fun. With the geometric shape on its edge, you are reminded of the Swedish traffic sign for main road, which symbolizes the company's guidance toward a safer workplace. The rounded and soft sans serif reflects the person behind the business, Daniel's fun and caring, but he also lays down the facts and you can trust him to teach you about safety, hence the heavier and stable font on Kullgren. The contrasting fonts for Kullgren and Utbildning is for legibility and to bring in air through Utbildning, to the logo. The construction helmet on top of the two L's is a recognizable symbol for safety in construction and industry. It also creates an illusion of a character, a person, with two legs, and in that a mascot is born.
The type was to contrast to the softer rounder logo, but not make it too harsh. Lato fits the brief perfectly. It's a type with straight lines that still has some roundness to it. It's powerful at the same time as it's warm and welcoming.
On Swedish construction sites colours are important. They are used to clearify what ones role are on the site, through the helmet, and on the clothes to make one visible, as it's a dangerous place to be at with heavy machinery all around. 
Kullgren Utbildning's colours are all heavy associated to safety and construction. The main colours are orange, black and white. Orange is a functional colour as it is used diligently in both the construction industry and for safety. Orange is also a colour that activates the brain and is energetic, confident and cheerful, which both reflects the educational part of the business as well as the mentality to make the learning fun. Black is powerful, clean and reflects the weight that exist on the construction sites, which emphasises the importance of education for a safe work environment.
In the logo the combination of the two L's in Kullgren and the construction helmet creates a character consisting of two legs and a helmet. This concept was then taken into the 3D world and a mascot was created. There are character with different coloured helmets, for their different roles. The standard one is the one with a yellow helmet, it has the tendency to not do everything safely and as one is supposed to, to show the importance of education.
The 3D animation represents different courses that Kullgren Utbildning offers, like handling of a truck, fall protection, hot works, operating a overhead crane or a lift.
The aim was to stand out from others in the business, a business where the norm is to use generic images. By using special made 3D animations, people are sure to react. To be able to make the animations work in its context the focus needed to be on what it represents. With that in mind, uncluttered illustrations where made with the illustration's represented object and action in a looped motion.

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